Treat your hair like gold with the best drugstore hair treatment products. Find oils and serums for thin, fine, dry, damaged or curly hair on our eshop.

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  • FRUCTIS Vitamin & Strength Serum 125ml
  • ELVIVE Hydra Hyaluronic Serum 150ml
  • ELVIVE Dream Long Curls Cream 200ml
  • ELVIVE Dream Long Frizz Kill Serum
  • ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil Reviver 180Ml
  • BOTANIC THERAPY Rice & Oat Spray 150Ml
  • FRUCTIS Hair Food Aloe Mask 390Ml
  • FRUCTIS Hair Food Goji Mask 390Ml
  • FRUCTIS Hair Food Macadamia Mask 390Ml
  • FRUCTIS Hair Food Banana Mask 390Ml
  • ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil
  • ELVIVE Dream Long Rapid Reviver
  • ELVIVE Dream Long No Haircut Cream
  • ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil For Colored Hair
  • ELVIVEColor Vive Rapid Reviver