Bleecker & Love bags. A world full of fantasy, colour, games and adventure! From the Greek islands to the busy streets of New York, your every step is enriched.

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  • BLEECKER & LOVE Craft Small
  • BLEECKER & LOVE Valla Bordeaux Bleecker Bag – Small
  • BLEECKER & LOVE Lyon Limited Edition
  • BLEECKER & LOVE Acanthus Bag MiniBLEECKER & LOVE Acanthus Bag Mini
  • BLEECKER & LOVE Tropical Jean Bag SmallBLEECKER & LOVE Tropical Jean Bag Small
  • BLEECKER & LOVE Penelope White Bag SmallBLEECKER & LOVE Penelope White Bag Small
  • BLEECKER & LOVE Jelo Bag SmallBLEECKER & LOVE Jelo Bag Small
  • BLEECKER & LOVE Emerald Bag SmallBLEECKER & LOVE Emerald Bag Small