STYLPRO Spin & Squeeze Makeup Brush and Sponge Cleaner


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Renew and revive your makeup brushes & sponges
This game-changing 2-in-1 device cleans both makeup brushes AND sponges, leaving them ready to use again straight away.

Makeup brushes and sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria. Most of the current ways of cleaning them are messy and time consuming, typically leaving brushes wet and unusable for hours and sponges still clogged with makeup.

We wanted to create a tool that does it all, so we’ve combined the best features of our iconic STYLPRO Original Makeup Brush Cleaner and the revolutionary STYLPRO Squeeze Makeup Sponge Cleaner to make the very first 2-in-1!

With the STYLPRO Spin & Squeeze, you can spin your makeup brushes and sponges until they sparkle! Our specially designed cleansers work in a unique method to cleanse your beauty tools of dirt and makeup, leaving them ready to use instantly.

How to use STYLPRO Spin & Squeeze: for makeup sponges:

– Clean bowl out of any brush cleanser if used previously to clean makeup brushes.

– Soak your dirty makeup sponge in 20ml of Vegan Sponge Sparkle Cleanser.

– For best results, massage cleanser in using the press.

– Carefully fill the bowl to the fill line, with recently boiled water.

– Push the button on the press, pull the handle up and lock the press open.

– Using the open press, knead the makeup sponge a few times against the bowl base.

– For best results, wait 60 seconds. Scoop up the makeup sponge with the press, push the button and carefully squeeze it closed.

– Attach the pebble, and spin your sponge to its former glory! Depending on how long ago you cleaned your sponge, you may need to repeat this process.

How to use STYLPRO Spin & Squeeze: for makeup brushes:

– Clean the bowl of any sponge cleanser if it has been used previously to clean makeup sponges.

– Select a collar to fit your makeup brush, then attach the collar to the pebble device.

– Pour 1 sachet of STYLPRO Vegan Brush Cleanser into a clean, empty bowl. Do NOT add water.

– Gently dunk your brush in and out of the brush cleanser.

– Turn on the STYLPRO pebble device and spin the makeup brush clean in the cleanser for 10 seconds. You may need to clean for longer depending on how dirty your brush is.

– Lift the brush outside of the cleanser but remaining inside the bowl, and spin your brush dry for 10 seconds.

– Depending on how long ago you cleaned your brush you may need to repeat this process.

– The Sponge Press device
– The Pebble spinning device and batteries
– The Bowl
– 85ml of Sponge Sparkle Vegan Certified Cleanser
– 4 x 10ml STYLPRO Vegan Makeup Brush Cleanser Sachets
– 8 x Flexible Silicone brush collars
– 1 x Natural Cotton Laundry Bag