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The STYLPRO four litre Beauty fridge ensures your beauty products, especially organic products, last longer and perform better by preserving ingredients and maintaining peak optimal freshness. Keep all your beauty products cool and maintain their shelf life and consistency with this premium mini fridge. Refrigerating your favourite skin and cosmetic products and help them last longer and may reduce the growth of harmful bacteria. Chilled beauty products may also help calm and de-puff skin and tighten pores whilst giving a more soothing effect than a room temperature product.

This four litre mini fridge looks gorgeous on your counter top and is perfect for your makeup and cosmetics, skin care, medicine and more, minimising the need to use products with harmful unnecessary preservatives.

What do I do if I have lost my instructions?
Please find a downloadable version of our instructions here.

Benefits and features:

Cools contents up to 20°c below room temperature.
To avoid freezing and minimise condensation, STYLPRO Beauty fridge has low temperature protection to keep internal temperature above 2°c.
Chills and heats. Heats up to 45-55°c.
Noise reduction.
Works in UK & EU.
Color: Rose Gold
External dimensions: 190*270*275mm
Internal Dimensions: 135*140*200mm (4 litre)
UK & EU mains plug.

Beauty products recommended to be refrigerated:

Natural, Organic Products
Nail polish
Serums, creams and moisturisers
Toners and sprays
Sheet masks
Products that contain Vitamin C
Liquid makeup products (foundation, liquid Eyeliner to mascara)
Lip/Eye Pencils

1 x STYLPRO Beauty Fridge