STYLPRO Music Mirror Glam And Groove


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The STYLPRO Glam & Groove is a Hollywood Vanity Mirror that plays music, charges your phone wirelessly, provides perfect soft lighting for makeup application, connects phone calls via its built-in speakers and more!

Way of Use:
Setting up your Glam & Groove Mirror
– Set up your mirror Glam & Groove Mirror and plug it into a power outlet.

Turning on the lights
– Press the Power Button on the front of the mirror. Keep your finger on the button to dim the lights.

Connecting to your device via Bluetooth
– Hold down the Rear Power Button at the back of the mirror to turn on Bluetooth
– Pair in Bluetooth settings on your mobile

Playing music and adjusting volume
– Connect via Bluetooth your device
– Play music from your favourite app or website
– Use the buttons on the control panel on the back of the mirror to adjust the volume, pause/play, skip to the next song, or go back to the previous song

Wireless mobile phone charging
– Place your phone on the phone stand to charge automatically.

Making phone calls
– Connect via Bluetooth your device
– Dial a call from your phone. The call will ring from the mirror.
– Or, you can use the buttons on the back of the mirror to call the last phone number your mobile device dialled, answer or ignore an incoming call, or terminate a call.

• Smart Bluetooth connectivity to pair any Bluetooth device
• Play your favourite music straight from your phone, computer, or tablet
• Dimmable Hollywood mirror bulbs with soft white lighting, perfect for applying makeup and beauty products
• Call friends and family through your Glam & Groove Mirror with Bluetooth connectivity
• 360° rotatable design for luxurious lighting from every angle
• Phone holder with built-in wireless smart-charger
• Charges all wirelessly charging phones
• Perfectly perch on bedroom and bathroom countertops
• Turn on and off with a light touch of a button
• Smart memory function, remembers light setting from your last use
• Sturdy, non-slip base
• Perfect for getting ready with friends