ESSIE Nail Care Good To Go Top Coat

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essie good to go® top coat provides a protective, high gloss, brilliant-looking finish without the wait. Use with any essie enamel polish and you’re good to go!

11 reviews for ESSIE Nail Care Good To Go Top Coat

  1. Άντια

    Άντια (verified owner)

    poly euxaristimeni!!

  2. Dimitra

    Dimitra (verified owner)

    great selection of products, its amazing

  3. annamaria STAVROU

    annamaria STAVROU (verified owner)

    The finish looks great and professional

  4. Elena B

    Elena B (verified owner)

    professional finish with a decent price

  5. Athina Pr.

    Athina Pr. (verified owner)

    Εύκολα και γρήγορα. Τόσο απλά!

  6. Xenia C

    Xenia C (verified owner)

    yparxei megali poikilia se diafores katigories,. poli orea

  7. maria georgiou

    maria georgiou (verified owner)

    super!! i found all the colours i needed

  8. Αντρουλα

    Αντρουλα (verified owner)

    Πολυ βολική η υπηρεσια σασ

  9. Irini Xristofi

    Irini Xristofi (verified owner)

    agorazo taktika k eimai poly eyxaristimeni

  10. gianna ioannou

    gianna ioannou (verified owner)

    paradothike grigora k se telia katastasi

  11. anastasia KON

    anastasia KON (verified owner)

    με εντυπωσιασε αυτο το προιον

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