L’OREAL PARIS Infaiilible 3 Second Setting Mist


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Keep your makeup in place for 36H thanks to the new Infaillible 3-Second Setting Mist by L’Oréal Paris, the first setting spray that makes makeup transfer-proof within three seconds. Lock in and extend your makeup, while insuring zero transfer, zero marks and zero stickiness. The formula of this product convinces with various benefits. 1) It locks in all makeup textures, acting as invisible layer of protection 2) It makes any makeup waterproof, heat-proof, and sweat-proof. 3) Sprayed with power through an aerosol micro-diffusion system which delivers micro-fine mist for wide and even application with 3-second dry time and no water marks or droplets. – Expect life-proof performance with the new Infaillible 3-Second Setting Mist. 36H extreme wear and absolutely zero transfer, because you’re worth it.

How to use this setting spray: For best results, wait until makeup is dry to start spraying. Shake well before use. Keep eyes & mouth closed during application. Hold 8 to 12 inches /20 to 30cm away from face and spray in a circular motion for even distribution on skin.