NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Jumbo Lash! Longwear False Lash System


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It’s giving Jumbo Lash energy! Introducing our new vegan lash and liner system with 2 easy steps. Step 1: Line. Step 2: Lash! Serve jumbo volume, jumbo length and jumbo impact all day with up to 12 hour wear. Keep ’em guessing with our invisible, ultra-flexible lash bands. These innovative false lashes are stackable, lightweight, comfortable, and reusable up to 15x for jumbo volume, jumbo length and jumbo impact. Join the false lash revolution by pairing with any of our false lash styles! Go super jumbo and stack lashes for more impact! Just apply our 2-in-1 liner and lash adhesive and top with your favorite lash. Come thru with Jumbo Lash energy! Ultra-flexible, stackable, pro-level lash looks with no glue. No magnets. No fuss.