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Eyeliner with a revolutionary flex brush for an easy application. Fill in your eye liner at an ease with Hyper Easy Liner. A revolutionary flex brush and the custom hexagonal grip for optimal control see it to the best results!

Step 1. With the unique tip of Hyper Easy Liquid LIner, you can create a thin line across the eye. Step 2. Repeat until you have the desired result. Step 3. For an even more intense result, you can run the liner through the inner angle of the eyes. Step 4: Wait for 2 minutes to dry.

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8 reviews for MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Hyper Easy Liner

  1. ίρις

    ίρις (verified owner)

    great selection of products, its amazing

  2. ZOE Chr

    ZOE Chr (verified owner)

    πραγματικα πολυ ευκολη χρηση

  3. eirini christfi

    eirini christfi (verified owner)

    Πολυ βολική η υπηρεσια σασ

  4. evanthia k.

    evanthia k. (verified owner)

    Very impressedby the customer service

  5. Xenia C

    Xenia C (verified owner)

    πολυ μεγαλη γκαμα προϊόντων

  6. Blondiee geo

    Blondiee geo (verified owner)

    Very impressedby the customer service

  7. Antia

    Antia (verified owner)

    σας ευχαριστω ειναι ολα υπεροχα

  8. Gewrgiou Xristina

    Gewrgiou Xristina (verified owner)

    pano apo ola i kali eksipiretisi

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