MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Falsies Black Drama Mascara

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Intense eyelash lifting effect with just one mascara? Falsies Lash Lift Ultra Black gives you rich volume and long enhanced lashes with a strong curve at the moment. The special, double curved brush, in combination with the fiber-reinforced composition, lifts your lashes from root to tip.

6 reviews for MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Falsies Black Drama Mascara

  1. Raissa ANDREOU (verified owner)

    Very impressedby the customer service

  2. elenaki (verified owner)

    με εντυπωσιασε αυτο το προιον

  3. Xristoulla (verified owner)

    poli oreo proion

  4. Stathi (verified owner)

    iperoxi eksipiretisi, grigori apostoli

  5. σκευη (verified owner)

    to apotelesma tou ine yperoxo

  6. pantelittsa (verified owner)

    yparxei megali poikilia se diafores katigories,. poli orea

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