FRUCTIS Sleek & Shine Conditioner 200Ml

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Conditioner SLEEK & SHINE to protect and smooth sleek hair.

14 reviews for FRUCTIS Sleek & Shine Conditioner 200Ml

  1. παναγιώτα π.

    παναγιώτα π. (verified owner)

    πραγματικα πολυ ευκολη χρηση

  2. βαλερια

    βαλερια (verified owner)

    it arrived very fast

  3. Xristoulla

    Xristoulla (verified owner)

    great selection of products, its amazing

  4. σκευη

    σκευη (verified owner)

    super easy to find what you are looking for

  5. Mary Athanasiou

    Mary Athanasiou (verified owner)

    agorazo taktika k eimai poly eyxaristimeni

  6. Ελίνα

    Ελίνα (verified owner)

    σας ευχαριστω ειναι ολα υπεροχα

  7. Athanasiou Maria

    Athanasiou Maria (verified owner)

    to protino anepifilakta

  8. Athena O

    Athena O (verified owner)

    με εντυπωσιασε αυτο το προιον

  9. Xristoulla

    Xristoulla (verified owner)

    8a minete poly efxaristimenes

  10. Κωσταντίνα Χ.

    Κωσταντίνα Χ. (verified owner)

    irthe akrivos stin ora tou

  11. Pantela Anna

    Pantela Anna (verified owner)

    kanei afto akrivos pou grafei

  12. Gewrgiou Xristina

    Gewrgiou Xristina (verified owner)

    einai opos to perigrafei

  13. AFROditi

    AFROditi (verified owner)

    σας ευχαριστω ειναι ολα υπεροχα

  14. Irida

    Irida (verified owner)

    den perimena na mou aresei toso polyu

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