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She is spontaneous, enthusiastic and true to herself: she dazzles good energy. When she enters a room the atmosphere shifts to a softer, lighter, irresistible vibe. Yes I Am Glorious by Cacharel was created for authentic and inspiring women who are not afraid to show their true selves: a strong combination of charisma, radiance and transmittable energy. Yes I Am Glorious the new luminous cremoso; a radiant & sparkling blend of peach nectar mixed with a bouquet of white flowers, all enlightened with petals of bright magnolias & a milkdhake accord that evokes the cremoso signature of the whole Yes I Am collection. Yes I Am Glorious, the flowery and fruity essence of a dazzling personality. Power is yours, show your glow! By Cacharel

5 reviews for CACHAREL Yes I Am Glorious Edp 50ml

  1. Xristoulla

    Xristoulla (verified owner)

    Great Prices, Fast Delivery

  2. Αντιγόνη

    Αντιγόνη (verified owner)

    great selection of products, its amazing

  3. Victoria Peters

    Victoria Peters (verified owner)

    great purchase. everythign arrived on time

  4. Constantina Michael

    Constantina Michael (verified owner)

    poli oreo proion

  5. Valentina

    Valentina (verified owner)

    paradothike grigora k se telia katastasi

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