AZZARO Chrome Edp 50ml

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Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that embraces the philosophy of living in the present time, through feeling simple sensations and sharing deep emotions. Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum was created for those who believe that if you Smile at Life, Life will Smile at You. A tribute to the unbending bond between father and son. Experience Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum, an invitation to smile at life together and experience the beauty of the Mediterranean sun.
To integrate this philosophy a new, shaded blue bottle was inspired that depicts the horizon between sky & sea in its heart. A wave of invigorating ingredients combines to create Chrome Eau de Parfum. Intense freshness emerges from notes of green mandarin, lavandin and pine essence.

5 reviews for AZZARO Chrome Edp 50ml

  1. Elena B

    Elena B (verified owner)

    πραγματικα πολυ ευκολη χρηση

  2. Blond Vicki

    Blond Vicki (verified owner)

    it arrived very fast

  3. annamaria STAVROU

    annamaria STAVROU (verified owner)

    it arrived very fast

  4. Miltiadou

    Miltiadou (verified owner)

    it arrived very fast

  5. Victoria Peters

    Victoria Peters (verified owner)

    great purchase. everythign arrived on time

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