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The secret to fulfil your long hair dream! Our Restoring Shampoo, a creamy caring formula, is perfect to say goodbye to thinning, damaged lengths. And of course, it also cleanses your hair. Our formula relies on a powerful cocktail: • with VEGETAL KERATIN, it reconstitutes your hair to the tips, • with VITAMINS, it leaves your hair stronger*, • with CASTOR OIL, it nourishes, gives shine to your hair and helps to keep it long. *instrumental test, after multiple applications LONG HAIR TIP Rinse with cold water to make hair shinier. Complete your routine with Elvive Dream Long No Haircut Cream.



8 reviews for ELVIVE Dream Long Shampoo

  1. μαριαλένα

    μαριαλένα (verified owner)

    great selection of products, its amazing

  2. Elena

    Elena (verified owner)

    παντα υπαρχουν και προσφορες, μεγαλη γκαμα σε ομορφια

  3. Στεφανια

    Στεφανια (verified owner)

    Εύκολα και γρήγορα. Τόσο απλά!

  4. katerinA

    katerinA (verified owner)

    grigori apostoli k amesi e3ipiretisi

  5. μαργαριτα κων.

    μαργαριτα κων. (verified owner)

    poly efxaristimeni apo tin paraggelia

  6. Αντρουλα

    Αντρουλα (verified owner)

    kanei afto pu prepei

  7. KyriaKi

    KyriaKi (verified owner)

    kanei afto pu prepei

  8. Xenia C

    Xenia C (verified owner)

    poli oreo proion

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