AMBRE SOLAIRE Perfect Bronze Milk 150Ml

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Garnier Natural Bronzer Self-tan Lotion: This Self-Tan Lotion gives a beautiful tan whilst hydrating your skin. Enriched with nourishing apricot oil, it provides streak free, natural-looking tan that lasts up to one week. Say goodbye to orange tones and dry skin, this self tan lotion does it all in 1 – leaving you with moisturised skin that has a sunkissed natural tan.



8 reviews for AMBRE SOLAIRE Perfect Bronze Milk 150Ml

  1. Cleopatra Georgiou

    Cleopatra Georgiou (verified owner)

    Great Prices, Fast Delivery

  2. Λευκή Μ.

    Λευκή Μ. (verified owner)

    it arrived very fast

  3. Athena O

    Athena O (verified owner)

    Είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένη

  4. βαλερια

    βαλερια (verified owner)

    πολυ μεγαλη γκαμα προϊόντων

  5. Konstantina Mixail

    Konstantina Mixail (verified owner)

    8a minete poly efxaristimenes

  6. eirini christfi

    eirini christfi (verified owner)

    8a minete poly efxaristimenes

  7. Chrystalleni

    Chrystalleni (verified owner)

    Το πήρα για δώρο και ήταν πολύ καλή επιλογή

  8. Μιχαήλια

    Μιχαήλια (verified owner)

    iperoxi eksipiretisi, grigori apostoli

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