DAILY CONCEPTS Facial Mini Scrubber


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The Daily Facial Mini Scrubber is uniquely designed with a pocket to slip your fingers into for a better grip to cleanse your face. Wash your face with the ideal texture, soft texture for gentle cleansing or mild exfoliation for polishing skin.  Texture: Dual. Soft-Regular (For all skin types). Care:_x000D_n_x000D_nThoroughly rinse all excess water and soap after each use. Store in reusable caddy. Replace when the writing on the label fades._x000D_n_x000D_nPRO TIP: Use on-the-go for travel, the gym or a quick daily beauty regimen._x000D_n_x000D_nHow to use:_x000D_nWhen you use your Daily Facial Mini Scrubber cleanse your skin in circular motions. Hold a better grip by placing your fingers in the pocket to cleanse your skin. Pair with your favorite face wash!_x000D_n_x000D_nanimal-vegan_x000D_n_x000D_n