MR & MRS TANNIE All Around Glow – Gift Box

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The All Around Glow Box – includes 24h Tan Serum, a moisturising, soothing self-tan for the face. Self Tan Lotion, a tinted, smooth self-tan lotion for the body. And Self Tan Mitt that ensure an even result across the body. Creating that perfect and streak-free, even glow.

Way of use:
Apply to cleansed face, neck, and décolletage. Blend into the hair line. Use daily until desired tan is achieved. Don’t forget to wash hands. Use daily until desired tan is achieved! Use the Self tan Mitt to spread and even out the Self Tan Lotion. Dispense product directly on to the mitt and work into the skin in circular motions. Wait until dry to protect clothes and sheets. Use daily until desired tan is achieved!