VANITY PLANET Blue LED Light Therapy Face Brush


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Benefit from popular LED light therapy while you shower. LEDA Blue LED Light Silicone Face Brush cleanses sensitive, blemish-prone skin with gentle, sonic-powered antibacterial silicone bristles.
Enjoy a deep-cleansing massage and reparative FDA-cleared blue light therapy to remove pore-clogging impurities with daily treatments of blue light wavelengths to kill blemish-causing bacteria and limit sebaceous gland activity for less oil production

How to use:

Apply cleansing cream directly on silicone cleansing brush
Select cleansing mode
Cleanse skin using circular motion
All skincare junkies. If pregnant, consult doctor before use.
Blue light phototherapy kills blemish-causing bacteria without harmful side effects.
Blue LED sonic cleansing treatment for acne-prone skin

• LED light therapy at home
• FDA-approved blue light therapy for acne
• 2 Customizable sonic brush modes
• Massage head for LED treatment
• Antibacterial silicone
• Soft, deep-cleansing massage
• Removes pore-clogging impurities
• Kills blemish-causing bacteria without harmful side effects
• Gentle for sensitive skin and mild-to-moderate acne
• Safe and effective

• Safely receive LED treatment results at-home
• Deep clean blemish-prone skin with gentle blue LED light skin therapy
• Gentle sonic-powered antibacterial silicone brush removes pore-clogging impurities
• Dermatologists agree that blue LED light therapy benefits those with acne