L’ACTION Antifatigue Ice Patches

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Refreshes + Anti-Fatigue effect + Relaxes
The refreshing texture of Ice Patches
quickly wakes tired eyes up. Active
ingredient 10 billon lactobacillusTM
boosts the radiance of your eyes.
Niacinamide moisturizes the eye
contour and the vegetal and marine
duo Bio A infraTM relaxes and soothes
it. Pefect patches to instantly revitalize
your eyes.
How to use : Apply under your eyes on
clean, dry skin. Leave for 15 min before
gently peeling off. Massage delicately to
make the excess penetrate the skin. For
a more intense freshness, put the sachet
in the refrigerator half an hour before
application. Avoid contact with eyes.
*Dermatologically tested
Active Ingredients
10 billion lactobacillusTM: a living
bacteria that provides a healthy effect.
It boosts the radiance of your eyes.
Niacinamide: also known as vitamin B3,
it is used in cosmetics for these multiple
benefits: it moisturizes, it’s anti-oxidant,
it soothes and reduces the appearance
of fine lines and wrinkles.
Bio A infraTM: vegetal and marine duo
with relaxing and soothing properties.
Caffeine: helps to reduce the
appearance of undereye puffiness.
Derivative of menthol: provides a fresh
effect. Ideal for tired eyes.

8 reviews for L’ACTION Antifatigue Ice Patches

  1. Valentina

    Valentina (verified owner)

    great selection of products, its amazing

  2. sofia sofaki

    sofia sofaki (verified owner)

    παντα υπαρχουν και προσφορες, μεγαλη γκαμα σε ομορφια

  3. Panteli Christina

    Panteli Christina (verified owner)

    σας ευχαριστω ειναι ολα υπεροχα

  4. Frosw

    Frosw (verified owner)

    poli oreo proion

  5. ZOE Chr

    ZOE Chr (verified owner)

    8a minete poly efxaristimenes

  6. Κωσταντίνα Χ.

    Κωσταντίνα Χ. (verified owner)

    eftasan ola poli asfalismena k avlavi

  7. Helena V

    Helena V (verified owner)

    8a minete poly efxaristimenes

  8. Xristoulla

    Xristoulla (verified owner)

    pote 8a 3ana ine se prosfora?

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