LIL-LETS Applicator Tampon Regular X16

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Lil-Lets regular SmartFit™ compact applicator tampons are ideal for your lighter flow days, providing a natural fit and brilliant leak-free protection. Our compact applicator is designed to make insertion simple, letting you get on with your day.
Product features
Up to eight hours protection from leaks
Smooth applicator with anti-slip grip for easy insertion
Fits your individual shape with our SmartFit™ technology
Discreet whisper wrapper

10 reviews for LIL-LETS Applicator Tampon Regular X16

  1. ραφαηλια (verified owner)

    irthe akrivos stin ora tou

    1 product
  2. NONI (verified owner)

    αγοραζω πολυ συχνα απο τα tredns

    1 product
  3. Αντιγόνη (verified owner)

    pano apo ola i kali eksipiretisi

    1 product
  4. annamaria STAVROU (verified owner)

    to petixa se prosfora!!

    1 product
  5. anastasia KON (verified owner)

    με εντυπωσιασε αυτο το προιον

    1 product
  6. Xenia C (verified owner)

    einai opos to perigrafei

    1 product
  7. Irida (verified owner)

    den perimena na mou aresei toso polyu

    1 product
  8. KyriaKi (verified owner)

    agorazo taktika k eimai poly eyxaristimeni

    1 product
  9. Georgina T (verified owner)

    Πολυ βολική η υπηρεσια σασ

    1 product
  10. Natasaa (verified owner)

    αγοραζω πολυ συχνα απο τα tredns

    1 product
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