ESSIE Sheer Fantasy Gc10-11

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Luxurius gel-like shine & finish in an easy 2-step system. the essie gel couture collection is inspired by haute couture fashion and now available in more than 100 nail polish shades. step 1: apply two coats of gel couture color. step 2: apply 1 coat of the platinum grade finish top coat for gel-like shine.

8 reviews for ESSIE Sheer Fantasy Gc10-11

  1. Irida (verified owner)

    kanei afto akrivos pou grafei

  2. RANIA (verified owner)

    Εύκολα και γρήγορα. Τόσο απλά!

  3. Katy (verified owner)

    pote 8a 3ana ine se prosfora?

  4. Αντρουλα (verified owner)

    einai opos to perigrafei

  5. Μιχαήλια (verified owner)

    agorazo taktika k eimai poly eyxaristimeni

  6. Christina A (verified owner)

    paradothike grigora k se telia katastasi

  7. Πράξια (verified owner)

    Μου αρέσει που συνεχώς ανανεώνεται η γκάμα των προϊόντων

  8. Frosw (verified owner)

    poli oreo proion

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