NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Complete Control Blending Sponge


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Take beauty blending into your own hands with NYX Professional Makeup Complete Control™ Blending Sponges. These ultra-versatile tools feature two beveled sides for seriously smoothing and blending creams, liquids and powder foundations. They also have a precision tip that fit perfectly into those annoyingly hard-to-reach spots around your eyes and nose, and makes mastering a subtly micro-contoured makeup looks a breeze!

Vegan: No

A blending sponge featuring two beveled sides and a precision tip.
Makes blending, perfecting or sculpting for a flawless-looking complexion effortless.
This multipurpose tool gives you options when it comes to makeup application.

How to use: Blend and buff your makeup with the beveled sides to achieve an airbrushed finish. Use the precision tip to touch up around the eyes and nose or to softly contour you complexion.