STYLIDEAS Sponge Sparkle Makeup Sponge Cleanser 250ml


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The STYLPRO Vegan Sponge Sparkle Cleanser was designed to delve into the deepest layers of your sponge, cutting through the oils and powders to restore your sponge to its former self.
⭐Vegan society certified
⭐Alcohol, Paraben and Sulphate FREE
⭐Prolongs the life of your makeup sponges
⭐Deeply effective cleansing, gentle conditioning
⭐Removes the oiliest of foundation in seconds

Way of Use:
Add 20ml of STYLPRO Sponge Sparkle Cleanser to the STYLPRO Squeeze Bowl. Do not mix with other cleansers and always follow the STYLPRO Squeeze Makeup Sponge Cleaner instructions during use.
Please use with caution