AROMATHERAPY Tac Bauble Candle 150g Gingerbread


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Before lighting for the first time and for each subsequent burn, trim wick to 5mm. Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time. Discontinue burning with 1cm of wax remaining. Place on a heat resistant surface and avoid draughts. Do not move a burning candle. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from things that can catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Keep candles at least 10cm apart.

May cause an allergic skin reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Contains 3-Phenylacrylaldehyde. EUH208 Contains (4-tert-Butylcyclohexyl acetate; 3-Phenylprop-2-en-1-ol;(R)-p-Mentha-1, 8-diene; 4-Allyl-2-methoxyphenol). May produce an allergic reaction.