ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil Reviver 180Ml

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Deep Conditioner for dry hair! 2x more nutritive care with no leave in time!
NEED MORE THAN A REGULAR CONDITIONER? Deep conditioning formula : Highly concentrated in caring serum with Amino-Acid & Jojoba Oil HAVE NO TIME? INTENSELY NOURISHES WITH NO LEAVE-IN TIME & NO WEIGH DOWN”



6 reviews for ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil Reviver 180Ml

  1. μικαέλλα (verified owner)

    Very impressedby the customer service

  2. Αντωνία Ι. (verified owner)

    mou aresei pou panta tha vro kati se prosfora k genika megali poikilia proionton

  3. λουϊζα (verified owner)

    paradothike grigora k se telia katastasi

  4. Helena V (verified owner)

    8a minete poly efxaristimenes

  5. μικαέλλα (verified owner)

    Είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένη

  6. PRASTITI Christ (verified owner)

    Το πήρα για δώρο και ήταν πολύ καλή επιλογή

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