ELVIVE Total Repair Conditioner

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Elvive Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner has a silky texture that is absorbed instantly into the hair to restore vitality and replenish damaged locks. Conditioner leaves hair instantly detangled, leaving hair with a soft, smooth and silky-to-touch formula.



8 reviews for ELVIVE Total Repair Conditioner

  1. Blond Vicki

    Blond Vicki (verified owner)

    Great Prices, Fast Delivery

  2. Christina A

    Christina A (verified owner)

    came on time! will buy again

  3. NONI

    NONI (verified owner)

    με εντυπωσιασε αυτο το προιον

  4. AFROditi

    AFROditi (verified owner)

    irthe akrivos stin ora tou

  5. Xrysa

    Xrysa (verified owner)

    iperoxi eksipiretisi, grigori apostoli

  6. Αντωνία Ι.

    Αντωνία Ι. (verified owner)

    paradothike grigora k se telia katastasi

  7. Valentina

    Valentina (verified owner)

    einai opos to perigrafei

  8. AFROditi

    AFROditi (verified owner)

    pano apo ola i kali eksipiretisi

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