BOTANIC THERAPY 2-in-1 Kids Oat Delicacy No Tears Shampoo 250ml


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Helps to gently cleanse and detangle your child’s hair, respecting the hair shaft . Our special formula for kids helps to gently cleanse and detangle hair, so you can have more fun during bath time and less tears. Our delicious blend leaves hair with a light and pleasant aroma without affecting the delicate balance of the scalp. Delicately cleansed, it hydrates the hair and leaves it softer, shinier and easier to comb, while at the same time soothing the scalp. In fact, the formula contains Oat Kernel Extract, an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory ingredient that delivers a moisturizing and soothing wash, therefore safe for even the most sensitive skin. Furthermore, is it also infused with Rice cream, an antioxidant component that helps to remove dirt and moisturize, while soothe and protect the scalp at the same time. This delicate shampoo is, therefore, mild for the eyes and gentle with the scalp. In addition, it evens helps to turn combing into an effortless job. Equally important, this hypoallergenic and silicon-free formula for a natural feel does not sting the eyes and will gently remove knots and tangles. Tested under dermatological, ophthalmological and pediatric control.