SUAVIPIEL Aloe Fresh Sponge

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Peeling action, very soft and nice. It provides you with a delicious massage which, together with the extraordinary therapeutic effect of aloe, leaves your skin smooth and very relaxed. Completely re-established. Therefore, you can use it every day with no fear of damaging your skin. Indicated for all types of skins.

Apply some drops of gel on the sponge surface, pressing it continuously for some seconds until getting abundant foam. Massage yourself softly, beginning with limbs, until reaching the heart area.

8 reviews for SUAVIPIEL Aloe Fresh Sponge

  1. σκευη

    σκευη (verified owner)

    super easy to find what you are looking for

  2. Αντρουλα

    Αντρουλα (verified owner)

    came on time! will buy again

  3. Άντια

    Άντια (verified owner)

    Εύκολα και γρήγορα. Τόσο απλά!

  4. Mary Athanasiou

    Mary Athanasiou (verified owner)

    Μου αρέσει που συνεχώς ανανεώνεται η γκάμα των προϊόντων

  5. MariaLena

    MariaLena (verified owner)

    eftasan ola poli asfalismena k avlavi

  6. andrea andreou

    andrea andreou (verified owner)

    to protino anepifilakta

  7. Pitsillidou

    Pitsillidou (verified owner)

    to protino anepifilakta

  8. gianna ioannou

    gianna ioannou (verified owner)

    Πολυ βολική η υπηρεσια σασ

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