DAILY CONCEPTS Exfoliating Gloves


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At Daily Concepts we reimagined the spa gloves to create a product that instantly polishes roughness away while increasing circulation and supporting detoxification. A major player in a complete exfoliating skin routine, the Daily Exfoliating Gloves used a few times per week can help get rid of dead skin cell buildup—a major cause of skin dullness—help accelerate cell turnover and make way for healthy skin.The Daily Exfoliating Gloves also work wonders as a pre self-tanning ritual to prep and smooth skin or as a pre skin baring practice during beach or sunny seasons!

How to use:
Slip into the bath or shower and wear one or both Daily Exfoliating Gloves. Wet them and apply your favorite cleanser or body wash directly to the gloves. Start rubbing the desired areas using circular motions. Ideal for knees, arms and thighs, and all areas that can benefit from a vigorous cleanse. Rinse the Daily Exfoliating Gloves and squeeze excess water before placing them in their reusable packaging, completed with a suction cup to hang it on any smooth surface and draining holes at the bottom.