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Daily Concepts is all about versatility and originality so we made Daily Dual Texture Scrubber for those who can be indecisive in the shower. The Daily Dual Texture Scrubber is a two sided scrubber to fulfill all your needs in your daily bathing routine. One side is made to provide a gentle cleanse and the other side is built to provide a mild exfoliation for the benefit of your skin’s texture.Care:

Rinse well with water after each use during the shower and hang inside its reusable caddy. Replace when the writing on the label fades.

PRO TIP: When using the Daily Dual Texture Scrubber make sure all excess soap is rinsed out before hanging it in the reusable caddy.

How to use:
Use the Daily Dual Texture Scrubber during the shower on the gentle side to cleanse and on the textured side to exfoliate. Pair with your favorite cleanser for a clean finish!